Parent FAQ

What grade must my student be in to attend Rush?

Current 6th-12th grade students can attend Rush.  Their grade is determined by what grade they are in during school year 2020 – 2021.

To participate in Servant Leadership, eligible students must be current 8th-12th graders during school year 2020 – 2021.

Is my 6th grade student (based on 20 – 21 school year) too young to attend Rush?

No!  Rush is for students in grades 6th-12th as of the
20 – 21 school year.  However, if you’re student is in 6th grade or is older, but has never attended Rush, we strongly suggest you volunteer during Rush to help you get a better feel/understanding of what it actually is.  

We’ve invited a friend to come to Rush, but they don’t attend Perimeter Church normally. Where do they sign up?

They will need to sign up under the “Perimeter Students” registration. They will be treated as being a part of the Perimeter group.

Since Rush is at Perimeter, can I come pick up my student and take them to other activities during the week?

Please plan to treat Rush as an “out-of-town event”. Students who attend Rush will not be able to attend other events or appointments during this week. Keep in mind we are trying to keep track of hundreds of students, and it is most helpful to reschedule all normal reoccurring appointments (ie: work, sports practices, doctors/orthodontists, etc.). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].

My student has a dietary restriction/allergy. What should we do about their food?

We will provide supplemental food for students with the following dietary restrictions: gluten free, vegetarian, and dairy free. However, there will be an additional fee for these meals as they are more expensive. You will need to indicate this in the appropriate section on the registration form.

Why is the cost for outside churches lower than Perimeter students?

The cost you see for outside churches only covers their conference fee and hotel fee. We do not provide all meals or transportation for outside churches like we do for Perimeter students.

When and how will I receive important details (drop off, pick up, packing list, etc…) for my student?

We will send an email with all the important details 7 days before Rush to the email address that you provide on the “parent email” section of the registration form.

When will I find out who my student’s roommate(s) will be?

We do everything we can to honor student’s request to room together. Students (and parents) will find out who their student’s roommates are at check-in on Monday, the first day of Rush.

Will there be chaperones in my student’s hotel room?

It is our goal to have a chaperone in every room for junior high students and every 3-4 rooms for senior high students.

Who will be driving my student to and from the various locations (ie: hotel, missions site, free day location, Perimeter, etc…)?

We will provide transportation for your student to all the various locations starting from when you check in on Monday to pick up Thursday night. We have a contract with a bus company that provides licensed bus drivers for the week of Rush. In some cases, Servant Leadership students will be riding in vans driven by a Perimeter youth staff.

Volunteer FAQ

Will my information for the background check be used for credit checks?

NO. USA Fact provides credit checks as a service, but Perimeter Church DOES NOT utilize that option.

When will I find out what I’m assigned to?

We will email you by July 1 with this information. If you haven’t heard anything after July 1, please email [email protected].

I signed up, but now I need to change my availability. How do I do that?

Just email [email protected], and she will make that change.

Why do I need to email a picture of my Government issued ID?

We need to verify that you are the person you say you are.